Write to Read

We are very proud to work closely with Dr. Eithne Kennedy and the Institute of Education in DCU on the Write to Read project to raise literacy standards in DEIS schools.

What is Write to Read

Write to Read is a longitudinal University, School and Community research project which works collaboratively with schools and communities to create powerful literacy environments that motivate and engage children as readers, writers and thinkers.

The vision of Write to Read is for a whole school, whole community approach to literacy where expectations are raised, parents are empowered and children supported and encouraged to develop reading and writing as lifelong habits.

Benefits for children

Children at Our Lady of the Wayside benefit from high-quality, research-based teaching and learning experiences. Many of our teachers have undertaken further studies in the teaching and learning of literacy. These teachers are also involved in delivering training and mentoring teachers in the teaching of literacy.


Our children have been very successful in writing projects and competitions over recent years. Classes have been invited to participate in the Writer’s Academy where children work with well-know Irish Authors such as Sarah Webb and Brian Gallagher. Our children have presented their work to Deutsche Bank (sponsors of the Write to Read Project) and most recently some of our students won prizes for their poetry in a competition run by Write to Read and Poetry Ireland.